Contemporary Realism

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

-Henry David Thoreau

My oil paintings are affordable. Pricing starts at $130.
Please contact Chrystale for detailed pricing information and to check availability.


My paintings are varnished to protect them from household dust, hair, and grime. To clean, you can used a soft, damp cloth. Do not hang an oil painting directly in a sunlit window, above a fireplace, or in a damp room like a bathroom

Sometimes, please contact me for more information

Free shipping is included to addresses in the continental US

Not typically, please contact Proctor Art Gallery directly for more information

In the painting description, you will see if the painting is at Proctor Art Gallery or available from the artist. Please contact the gallery directly for paintings that are there

Yes, please contact me for more information

I am very conscientious of using only high quality materials. Your painting should last beyond your lifetime

Oil paintings are best stored hanging up covered by a cloth. If this is not possible, be careful not to cover an oil painting in plastic or cardboard. Plastic may adhere to the painting and cardboard is too acidic to be next to oil paints. Also, be careful not to lean an oil painting up against anything. Oil paints can take years to fully cure and need to “breathe.”

Yes, all paintings are framed, include dust covers on the backs and are ready to hang